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Austen Sweeten, Lead Amazon Specialist


We are all aware that online retail is the way of the future. Companies like Amazon are growing worldwide at an unbelievable rate! The opportunity for entrepreneurs and importers to create an online business has never been
greater. Many have the ambition to start, but very few know how to make it all work. Amazon FBA (Prime) is a dream business for those who know how to take advantage. Work from anywhere, don't worry about shipping or storage,
and access millions of buyers worldwide!

AMZ Importing is a company we work closely with and they use our services to help their many Amazon clients, they will help you take full advantage of this Amazon opportunity from whatever country you are from. Through one-on-one mentoring, Amazon export support, and insider guides and videos, AMZ team is there for you every step of the way. From how to find profitable ideas, all the way to helping you create your Amazon store and product listings and we will find the products for you.

In 2018, more than 150,000 small businesses made over $100,000 in sales on Amazon.... and 50% of all online Amazon sales come from small and medium sized businesses. Why can't that be you?

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“Last month I made $51,897 selling products on Amazon and online.  I have 4 daughters under the age of 13, so I wanted something I could do from home.  When I started, I didn’t know anything about importing or websites or even how to sell on Amazon.  AMZ Importing can help you with all of that.”




“I signed up for the mentoring package and it easily paid for itself just on my first order of products.  I saved tons of time, got better quality and pricing, saved hundreds with their importing connections, got an optimized listing, etc.  I get help again on future products too.  This is a no brainer.”




“With the support and guidance from AMZ Importing’s one-on-one Amazon specialists and their China office I have successfully launched a product on Amazon and have been increasing sales daily!!  Sold $1500 yesterday.  I thought launching a product would be simple, but I honestly couldn’t do it without them!  They have all the right resources available for success.  They are awesome and are always there to assist!”




“From day one, we felt that we have been taken care of and that there are multiple people helping us make our products succeed.  Their contacts in China are beyond valuable.  Knowing that you are working with legitimate factories making quality products, because you need good reviews to succeed on Amazon.  I see their services as a ”must have” for new AND experienced sellers.”




“This is not an ”online” course or a series of “flashy” videos; these are “real people” who themselves are successful Amazon sellers.  We have been clients for 18 months and have even met with them in China.  Each member of the team is an expert in their field; and together they are willing to share their knowlege and expertise to help sellers grow their brand on Amazon.” Fazila Australia




“I have always seen ideas and been entrepreneurial, but never trusted any person or website enough to actually throw money at an idea.  Not to mention my lack of time.  I ran into these guys by chance and I couldn’t be happier.  My first product is selling over 25 units per day!  I can call this team anytime and they are always there to help one-on-one.  They really are great.”

Get your products to Amazon

We have helped many clients produce inventory then get them selling on Amazon.  Our knowledgeable staff knows how to help you find your product, and guide you in the right direction.  

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Products loaded and headed to Amazon.

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