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How it works

Let us help you move forward.

Let us help you navigate your sourcing needs.  

We are here to help you find the product, visit the factory, quality check your order, oversee the container to the dock, oversee customs clearance and provide updates throughout the process.



1. Let us know what you would like to Buy or Develop.

2. Get us samples, drawings or good pictures depending on the product.

3. Add our Staff to Wechat or WhatsApp so you can communicate instantly.

4. Our staff will contact various factories in China, Vietnam or India. Each Country has their own advantages and expertise. We may already have experience in what you need.

5. Our Staff will narrow down the factories to the 3 best. This will be decided not just from price but if we have used them before, their experience with the product, the countries they send their products too, how helpful they were when making our enquiries, the convenience on where they are to our offices as this helps a lot when we check the goods but we also travel all over China if this has to be the case. We also consider how they package for their current clients and check if there is any famous clients they may already produced for.  

6. If you are developing a product we will need to look at molds and assembling experience and Agreements for secrecy and mold ownerships.

7. The 3 prices will be submitted from Factory 1, Factory 2, and Factory 3, with the reasons we prefer each factory and then we will let you know the one we prefer the most.

8. We of course need to make money to do this work. The prices we submit will have our margin in it. If you accept the price we have a deal and can take the next step. If the prices are not acceptable we will go back to the factory and see if we can get them to reduce or we will look at reducing our margin. We call this closed book prices.

9. If you were to purchase more than $1,000,000 a year we will offer open book prices and this is when you will see the prices from the factory and our margins on them.

10. If the factory is already producing the product a sample can be sent to you for approval before going ahead. 

11. Once the prices are accepted by you, and we have not dealt with the factory before, we will go the factory to make sure we are happy with the conditions and the way it is managed and check the QC procedures. We then will proceed with the payment to the factories and this will be already explained and approved by you as the buyer. A Performer Invoice (PI) will be sent you explaining the payment, packaging, pallet loading configuration of the container and shipping details and costs.

12. We will then monitor the Mass production and at the completion we would return to the factory to check the production and would also send a sample if it is cost affective and not too large or heavy to air freight it to you. We also have a QC checking list we use and we would also need your input on this so we can check the product and make sure it functions correctly. We may even need to bring in an International QC company to test the materials and components if you need and if it's very technical.

Sourcing Team

Our 20 person sourcing team in three countries; China, India and Vietnam and our factories in China and India to find and produce the best products at the lowest cost. With just one phone call you can start benefiting from our team of multinational partners with over 15 plus years of experience.

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